My Once Broken Heart Says


Yes! I tried to sleep, But I failed and wept.

This was for the first time, I was facing this trauma which empowered my soul and mind.

I hardly breath, I was like a skeleton with no more emotions left.

Now even tears didn’t fell, My eyes were empty well.

I thought ways to end my life, To jump from the height or stab myself with a knife.

Sometimes silly things mean a lot, Which completely turns our life’s plot.

The more I thought about it, The more I grew dark circles and pimples.

I compared my heart with a punching bag, Completely tore and smashed.

But life is not always the same, It changes and plays a game.

A new dawn came and marked history, A beautiful day with the beginning of a new mystery.

His personality set my heart aflame, Every girl wanted to know his name.

I knew it was just an attraction, But this was the best way to have a distraction.

Warned my brain-

“Don’t let the same thing happen again, Lest all your talents go in vain.”

I wish instead of just giving advice, Our brain could control that flow of adrenaline.



Shattered Without You


Just don’t leave me alone Bae

What would I do if you are away?

With whom will I share my regular story, my good and my bad

My dreams or the dinner I had.

Who will I imagine playing all games with

Cards, Football, Cricket or Chess!

Who will copy the faces I make or the poses I gave.

Who would I think of from morning to night,

When you were all over my heart and mind.

If you leave me today,

No power in this world can bring me back.

I’ll be lost like the stars loose their brightness when sun comes up.

Like I am just waking up in this dead world.

My heart beats for you, My peace of mind is you.

You are the reason why I giggle in deafening silence,

You are my unpopular celebrity and my valiance.





Why do we use the term “Fall in love” rather than Rise in love?

After envisaging hard, I found my own reason.

Have you ever fell down?

Like you are just running on a sidewalk or going down the stairs, climbing up a tree or simply walking?

Well, I have. A lot of times.

So, do you get a hunch that the next step you take, You gonna land straight on earth’s crust? Nope!

okay, What about the fall?

Not after you have fallen down when people are gazing at you, some worried others laughing. But just recall that juncture, that moment in time when your leg twists or something, Your body moves downwards and you finally touch the surface.

Isn’t it so effortless? So easy? So deftly! Like a free fall.

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